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24 September 2019

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Due to sudden pain in my teeth, I decided to get it checked as soon as possible. My dentist was out of town and thus I had to find a new clinic with a reputed dentist. I decided to go to Dr.Greg Campbell. The pain was getting worse after each passing minute and it was becoming too hard to bear. It had started affecting other parts too. The headache was excruciatingly painful as well. I scheduled an appointment by calling up the doctor’s clinic and requested for the nearest slot available. After waiting for two long days, I reached the clinic.
When I asked the receptionist about my appointment, I was told that my appointment had been rescheduled. I was told to come the next day. I could not have been angrier but I had no choice other than waiting for one more day. The next day, I reached the clinic early to not miss my appointment. After waiting for some time, I was called into the doctor’s chamber.
Without having any small talk, I got straight to the point and told the doctor about my bad ache. He pulled out an instrument that held my mouth open and checked my teeth with his hand. He was not wearing a glove while doing that and it made me a bit uncomfortable. After checking, he told me that I would need to undergo proper teeth cleaning. He did not care to elaborate when I asked him about it. I was told to come after a week after he handed me a prescription with names of medicines for the excruciating ache I had been having for the last few days.
After a week, I was there again for the “proper teeth cleaning”. The process started off the cleaning started soon. I was told to brush my teeth. After that, I was strapped to the chair and was ordered to remain calm. The doctor then used an instrument that functioned as a water sprinkler, the only difference being the pressure. Although I was told that it would not hurt, it did. It felt like my mouth was simply being washed with water. After the completion of the wash, I was given an injection. After this, I was told that the process was complete. Although the procedure seemed weird, I could not feel any pain at the moment. I went home after the session.
After a few hours, the pain that I thought was gone came back and this time it was worse. I called the doctor as well as the clinic multiple times but my call was not picked. Dr Campbell is certainly not interested in treating his patients. From the messed up appointments to the wasteful treatment, everything about the clinic was dissatisfying. It’d be better for you to go someplace else and avoid this trashy clinic. I would not recommend this place to anyone on this earth as well from any other planet.

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