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09 September 2019

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Family is the most important thing in the world. Problems cause a rift in families which cause a lot of tension and drama. For a child to grow up in such an environment where both the parents are always fighting or are not on good terms usually hurts the child while growing up as children retain those memories. This was my case while growing up. All my childhood, I had watched my parents fight all day long with each other.
I do not know how but I managed to obtain good grades both in school and college but I will not lie – All the memories kept coming back and they did make my life miserable. I too did not have any successful relationship throughout my life but when I did once, I broke that off too fearing we would end up just like my parents. This incident took a toll on me and realized it was time for me to consult a therapist as I needed someone to talk to about these problems. I took my time to finalize the decision and once I did, I started looking online as well as offline for reputed therapists nearby. I did not want to go to any inexperienced therapist and therefore I took my time to look for the most suitable option. As a result, I came across Daniel W Gilchrist and after reading all the reviews, decided to go to him.
I scheduled an appointment and there I was the very next day, at his clinic, waiting in the lobby. After a while, I was called in. I sat there waiting for the therapist to finish his talk on the phone. For half an hour I sat there and looked at the furniture. Finally, when he was done, he asked me ‘quickly’ to tell him all about my problems. After I poured out my heart in front of him, all he said was ‘Be brave’ and ended the session and bid me goodbye.
The next few sessions were all advice about how parents are messed up and they spoil the children too. He advised to vent out my anger by cursing my parents. Although it was tempting at that moment, I knew it was wrong and refrained from doing so and because of this, I was scolded for being a ‘pussy’. It crossed all limits one day when I was taunted by the therapist for not having good parents. He called me an ‘unlucky bastard’ for having ‘the worst parents ever’. I did not like the way my parents fought but I also loved both of them and I could not hear any more bad things about them. I realized what a big mistake I had made by choosing Daniel W Gilchrist and I rushed out of there and decided never to set foot in the place ever again.
My recommendation would be to not even think of that place for any reason whatsoever, much less think about going to Daniel W Gilchrist.

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