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False and deceiving agreements

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24 September 2019

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Don Beyer Volvo Cars of Falls Church isn’t the car dealer for you. I tried to negotiate the price and didn’t hear from the company again. I visited the offices to have a clear understanding of the car dealer and didn’t get a warm welcome from the team. They stared at me and looked the other way with no interest toward me.
My interest in a car didn’t last at the company because of the rude staff I encountered.
At the front desk, I noticed the unfriendly staff smoking and having a chat. They weren’t attentive to clients and that wasn’t a good impression for the company. I didn’t feel comfortable and calm in this place and regret my visit there.
I didn’t want a car due to the false agreements I read and had terrible services team at Don Beyer Volvo Cars of Falls Church. I looked at cars and didn’t find an interest in one of the cars. Everything I read and heard didn’t suit my needs of a car.
I didn’t find the car of my choice and didn’t see cars in a good condition from Don Beyer Volvo Cars of Falls Church.
The manager and the salesperson weren’t informative about car dealership agreements. They weren’t offering a lower price of the cars and this type of attitude didn’t keep clients at the company.
I didn’t stay long at the offices because I didn’t enjoy the company of rude and disrespectful staff members. I felt disappointed client\’s services and of false agreements for the car dealership and for the untrained staff, I worked with for a short period.
I have no interest in Don Beyer Volvo Cars of Falls Church and won’t recommend to any persons of interest in cars.
I had no idea of what to expect from Don Beyer Volvo Cars of Falls Church.
They are shady about hidden fees and high charges of car services; I found this information from the false written car dealership agreement. I see a dishonest company and no care for the client’s services. Unfortunately, this company doesn’t care about the client’s service.
I borrowed a car to test drive for a day and discovered the many faults on this car and an overpriced tag on it. I had to see for myself with no hesitation I drove it back to the company. I had the experience of a horrible drive and it wasn’t as in the big advertisements. A little experience I had shown me no professionalism and no qualified staff at the company. There’s no time for clients’needs and everything I read and experienced at Don Beyer Volvo Cars of Falls Church showed me negative views of this company. I won’t recommend the company for nothing I received pleases me and it wasn’t pleasant. I have seen clients leave the company unhappy with the false written agreements. I don’t believe in false agreements and won’t go back there again!

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