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Dolphin Movers

Made negligent representaions, bait and switch fee quoting, innatention of duty and breach of contractual promises. Quoted and invoiced us for our move from UK to US. On first day of move, called and said we needed to pay 1, 200 GBP more! Container made it”s way to the port in Los Angeles and sat there for 2.5 months racking up fees and making US Customs very irate. “We are an international moving company that specialises in overseas moving and storage..We will handle all the necessary steps door-to-door including all paperwork and customs regulations for your move…We have a global network of experienced agents in over 100 countries that we have specifically chosen to provide a high standard that we require to suit your individual needs and perform that very important final stage of your move.” Our family experienced quite the opposite! Those glowing, feel good statements are b.s. They contraced a TRUCKING COMPANY to deliver our posessions. This trucking company never handled US Customs clearances, never have and never will, they say it is too much work… Well, so much for the “global network of experienced agents”! I did not realize that Los Angeles was such a back water that their “over 100 countries” don”t include anyone in the western US! We had to pay over $11, 578.00 over and above our original quote to retrieve our personal posessions. For 2.5 months they said that they were working on it, that they would pay, that it was not their fault..blah, blah, blah! Yeah, it was locusts too! The U.S. Maritime Commission in D.C. conducted a full investigation and will verify my claims. “You were screwed” is what they told me… wow, I knew that!

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