Dollars 4 Gold

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Dollars 4 Gold | Scam

*Warning* Dollars 4 Gold is a scam *Warning*I sent my gold in over 7 months ago hoping to get a fair amount back. It took about 3 weeks to recieve my cheque, the ad said within the week and to my suprise the amount they gave me was $16.00 I was shocked because I sent them 2 gold rings and a chain paid over $1200 combined. I called them back and wanted my jewelry back the customer service person said we can re send an amount for $40 I declined and they said I had to mail back my jewelry which I had to pay for amount was $5.00 to ship back. I waited two and half months and my jewelry has not arrived to me.I call them back and they said they didn’t know where my jewelry is? and that they would call me back. I had to wait anther month and half and no call back so I send them an e-mail and told me to call back there customer service which was hard to get a hold of, I call them back and put me on hold for 10min charging my cell phone long distance, they eventually tell me my gold was lost and that they misplaced it. I really think they just melted it down and assumed I was going to cash there cheque that’s why everything took so long with the “delays”. They said the max they can offer is $100.00 and was very rude on the phone.Overall *Value for your gold is nothing, you have better odds on craigslist, ebay and pawnshop’s*The $20.00 they said as an added bonus to your gold as advertised is lies, I recieved $16.00 for all my gold yet the bonus is worth more.*Not promptTo any one who dare’s to try this I warn you make sure you at least get your gold appraised and I hope its under $500 just in case they “lose” your gold.

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