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02 September 2019

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I have always been a party animal and my birthday treat was pending to all my friends. After several requests from them to throw a birthday party, I decided to celebrate it differently. After looking up for ideas online I found an interesting place to celebrate my birthday, it was on the sea of Detroit upon a cruise itself. I decided to throw a big party to my fellow relatives and friends. I started searching for the best cruise party organizer and found out Detroit cycle boat to be the best suit for me. The webpage represented a very family-friendly atmosphere. I made the booking online and was waiting for their confirmation on the booking. It was two days since my booking and I still didn’t receive any call or mails from them so I decided to call them and confirm the booking. I called them several times but they never actually picked up my calls. Therefore, I decided to meet them directly at their place.
I reached the premises and inquired about the issue regarding the early booking to which the organizer didn’t pay attention at first. My several attempts of trying to talk to him annoyed him and he started scolding me for being a hindrance in his busy schedule. At last, he paid some attention and booked a cruiser for the next week. It didn’t bother me much because I was excited about my birthday. My birthday came and along with my special guests, I reached the destination on time. The cruiser was in a rough condition and was quite rusty. It didn’t fit for this occasion. I went inside the ship for inspection of everything being all right. I found out that the decoration was not done properly, the music system was just TRASH, the system was not loaded with recent songs that suited the occasion. It was time for the food corner and the buffet system seemed pretty good. I took a sigh of relief and called everybody in.
The party began at 8 pm and the cruiser was booked until 2 am. It was past one hour when my guests faced more troubles regarding the management of the faculty. One of my friends complained to me about the rude behaviour of a staff member. He told me that the staff member denied giving him a glass of wine because he was appointed for serving normal water. This was very disappointing. My uncle called me upon and complained about the unclean water being served. I was full of shame for all these inconveniences created. I apologized to each and every guest that came to my party. I would never turn up to the Detroit cycle boat. Their management was a total flop and the service was also not satisfying. Please take your business elsewhere, the Detroit cycle boat was only good at destroying things and making special occasions worst.

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