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Derek Kolander, DDS – Tried to scam me!

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19 September 2019

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Avoid THIS PLACE! I completely need to make it known how strange my experience was with Derek Kolander DDS. I had a mishap where I tumbled down and my front four teeth were pushed in and I drove them out. Already, I’ve had jaw medical procedure and my jaw specialist prescribed I see a dental specialist get some x-rays knowing it was conceivable that I may require a root canal done later on. When I went there, they revealed to me I required four root channels to be done as soon as possible and the total cost would be 9 thousand dollars. I at that point told them I would contact my surgeon and when I did, he recommended I waited on the root canals and simply have fillings done briefly since teeth are not unsurprising and root trenches might be vital. The following day, I called and made an appointment to complete these fillings on two of my teeth that were chipped. I got a letter in the mail saying Derek Kolander never again wished to treat me since I sought a second opinion from my jaw surgeon, who I had been working with for the past 10 years. So when I got that letter I called the workplace. They left a voice mail saying “we are not here throughout the week but we do receive calls and call back over the weekend. I left a voice message saying ” hey, I have an appointment to complete these fillings, I’ve officially taken a vacation day off work to do this and now I’m befuddled concerning whether you’ll do this work we have planned” at any rate, they never got back to me, I wound up completing a filling somewhere else, and I wound up just requiring one root channel at last that was done at Dr. Structures office in Folsom (completely mind-blowing endodontic work if you need a root channel done) and Derek Kolander TOTALLY attempted to scam me and screw me over once more, STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE! They are the REASON dental specialists are known as lawbreakers! Some other people too have tried Dr Kolander for a couple of years now, and trust me he is not an expert. He does not thoroughly and truly thinks about any patient’s dental prosperity. Linda, the hygienist, and Jasmine, who’s been aiding Dr Kolander with crowns and root channels were very irresponsible. They were likewise never responsive to my solicitations. The assistant who dealt with my timetables, charging and other regulatory stuff was another unprofessional person. I cannot accept how shabby this dental office is. You tell a patient that they need $9,000.00 worth of dental work. I go to 2 other dental experts and am informed that most of the work they recommend is unnecessary! This place is a joke, complete trash! They can be sure that I won’t recommend them or their administrations to anybody. Don’t waste your money and precious time.

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