Derby Dental: Erika Whitehouse, DMD

Wrongfully charged me for services I didn’t have

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19 September 2019

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The overpriced treatment didn’t satisfy me. I discovered the extra charges on dental treatments that I didn’t have, and an unnecessary charge to my account. It was a rip-off to get money for extra charges and for treatments I didn’t have at Derby Dental: Erika Whitehouse, DMD, this disappointed me.
I realized the expenses and they want me to buy items I don’t need or could get at other outlets at much cheaper prices.
The hygienist didn’t explain procedures and how it is tried with insurance or without insurance payments.
Dental care isn’t for free and simple advice can make the procedures feel relaxed and uncomfortable at Derby Dental: Erika Whitehouse, DMD.
In my case, I didn’t see any positive results from a routine clean and cavity exam.
Information of dental procedures and dental care aren’t available to patients.
Insurance companies don’t cover all costs of dental care and I didn’t know this until I paid $1000 for my dental care.
No comfortable seats and no good service from Derby Dental: Erika Whitehouse, DMD, didn’t help in my visit to the dental room.
I learned of the extra charges at dental practices from the bad experience I had there.
There were no knowledgeable and confident staff members to make my visit a pleasant one. They didn’t advise on dental care and weren’t informative on high charges.
Dental teamwork is nonexistent at the practice. The dental team prefers individual working sets.
The dental care team didn’t assist in the treatment and my anxiety increased during the procedure.
The hygienist didn’t help me calmly cope with the procedure.
I won’t visit the dentistry again and isn’t what I paid for at Derby Dental: Erika Whitehouse, DMD.
Dentist visits make me nervous from the awful experience of extra charges from Derby Dental: Erika Whitehouse, DMD.
Oral and dental health wasn’t explained in detail. Most treatments I had during the cleaning and cavity exam; I wasn’t aware of during these procedures.
My entire visit to the dentist was stressful and anxious.
The dental team aren’t warm and welcoming there’s no happy atmosphere at the practice.
Staff isn’t knowledgeable and pleasant toward patients.
I don’t feel better from dental treatments from that practice.
Dental anxiety is difficult to not have when in a dental roomDerby Dental: Erika Whitehouse, DMD.
The unfriendly dental team and personnel didn’t help to make my visit there a comfortable one.
I didn’t have a happy experience from the high charges to my account at Derby Dental: Erika Whitehouse, DMD.
There’s no service with a smile and the staff wasn’t helpful in many ways toward me. I felt neglected by the dental team. They didn’t care for my feelings and weren’t attentive toward my needs.
I don’t see the ability to communicate with the patient and doctor at the practice.
The receptionist, dental team, and the hygienist weren’t as helpful to patients. It is of no care to them to provide information for dental patients.
I won’t recommend this dentist to friends or other persons. It is embarrassing to ask friends, families or other people to have dental care at Derby Dental: Erika Whitehouse, DMD.

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