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The dentist broke my tooth

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19 September 2019

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I didn’t get what I paid for at Dental Depot The Colony. The dentist broke my front tooth while filling the tooth next to it, was painful and awkward to smile.
I didn’t have a positive experience with the staff and didn’t ‘know what to expect from the dental team.
It isn’t professional for the hygienist to assist the dentist without wearing gloves. The hygienist failed to protect herself and me from germs.
The unfriendly personality of the dental team made me feel nervous and uncomfortable in the dental room.
My procedure felt terrible!
They don’t’ accommodate patients and ignore the needs of patients.
I have no intentions of going back to practice.
My broken tooth is painful from the impatient procedure I received from Dental Depot The Colony.
I didn’t find the staff attentive nor pleasant toward me. Customer service is no priority at the practice.
They insisted I pay cash for my treatment which I didn’t have on me at that time.
My procedure needed quality materials and I didn’t see the quality at Dental Depot The Colony.
There’s no care for patients during dental treatments and no communication with patients of dental information.
I didn’t appreciate the treatment I had from the dentist. A broken tooth is awkward to fix at an unprofessional dentist. I see this dentist with a lack of qualification and no communication skills. I lost my front tooth and won’t pay a visit to this practice for another fix.
My experience wasn’t good for my first time here.
I felt discomfort and stress during the procedure of filling my tooth.
The terrible experience has made me feel insecure to visit other dentists.
I didn’t receive perfect work with small and old dentist tools. I have sensitive teeth and the dentist didn’t consider the feeling on my sensitive teeth. He continued to drill in my tooth and broke off my front tooth.
There’s no friendly and experienced staff at Dental Depot The Colony and I regret my visit to the dentist.
Time and effort should be in everything you do. Only that will make a perfect job on tooth fillings, but at the dental practice, I don’t see any of that. I feel dissatisfied with the treatment from the dentist. No value in customer service and in the work, I got for my dental treatment. High priced and didn’t get what I paid for.
Appointments made don’t mean much to the personnel staff. They lack what I wanted from them is its good services for patient care and for customers. People want the best for their treatments, and this is nonexistent at the practice. I am glad to have changed my dentist and don’t recommend Dental Depot The Colony to friends, families and other persons in need of dental treatment. It takes a professional to do perfect dental work on a patient and I didn’t get that at Depot The Colony.

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