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It would be much better to take your vehicle to some other place.

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04 September 2019

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I had a pretty good-sized dent on my truck, which made it look very noticeable and ugly at the same time. The dent was quite very big and I had no other option than to repair it as soon as possible because my manager would not let me transfer goods with a damaged truck. Therefore, I decided to get it repaired on the Dent Dave because it was nearby and affordable as the website, please. I made an appointment over a phone call but was told to delay the repair for a couple of days because of the chaos created due to the extra laden work for their mechanic from a few days.
I didn’t receive a call from them for the coming three days, I had to call them again and fix my appointment. The manager said that it would take at least 2 days for the dent to be repaired. I tried to convince him to finish my work as soon as possible because I would have to run on debts if not so. I handed over my keys to the mechanic and told him the matching colour and the material required to be replaced. I was told to come back after 2 days because it won’t take more than that. I came back exactly after two days to check up on my truck and saw that it was still in the same way as I left it the other day. I was disappointed as well as pissed off because nothing was done. I wanted to meet the manager and talk about it but unfortunately, he was not available on that particular day. I asked the mechanic about how many more days would it take him to repair my truck. I was assured that by the next day it would be ready. Unfortunately, I trusted them and decided to wait for another day.
I came back to the Dent Dave the other day and finally, my truck was repaired but as soon as I saw the result, it was horrible! The dent was still noticeable and the colour mismatched too. I complained to the mechanic and told him to repair it again because the dent could still be seen and it made no difference even after paying a lot of money. The mechanic replied that it was the most he could do and the dent would never vanish permanently because it was too deep and long. I was very much annoyed by the poor work of the mechanic. The Dent Dave should replace their workers as soon as possible because they were inexperienced and also took a lot of time repairing. The result was also not satisfying plus the money they charged was more than anyone else could. I had to take my truck to some other dent repair shop and my work was done within 2 hours. The dent was permanently removed and the work was done with care and with full concentration, unlike the Dent Dave. I would request everyone out here to take their business to some other place.

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