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The dentist is a perv! And the staff is horrible!

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15 September 2019

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People like me are extremely conscious when it comes to hygiene and especially oral hygiene. Deluxe Dental is one of the shittiest places you can ever visit. According to them, they are the best when it comes to oral hygiene. They also claim to provide the best services and the best customer care too.
I not only had issues with the environment but everything else there. Regrettably, I could not locate the best dental specialist for myself. In addition, I settled on the more regrettable choice of my life and I can always remember the irritation and uneasiness. I had heard a touch of hatred about them however frankly, I didn’t focus on the negative reviews and just considered the site. I settled on my choice and now I am thinking twice about it. Some of you may be stunned to read the name yet trust me they are nothing like their site says. As per them, they have the best infrastructure, best or latest technology, and the best staff however you won’t observe it when you are at the center. All the practitioners at Deluxe Dental were extremely unprofessional. I felt like I am dealing with fresh graduates and were so harsh on me. They attempted to charge extra for the treatments which I didn’t get. Because of the team, I had to experience agony and irritation and couldn’t do anything. People say that the owner is responsible for false good reviews about them and some patients have reported that Deluxe Dental will pressurize you on the off chance that you are going to rate them positively on the web. I thought this is just some fake news but they did the same to me too.
I need to let you know folks that quit going there, they are a team of fuckers who will scam you and will attempt to profit without guaranteeing your health or hygiene. My teeth were doing very well until I came here only for an ordinary checkup since I was having a few general issues with my teeth. I had the regular checkup after a long struggle as the dentist was constantly staring at me rather than checking my teeth. After the checkup was done, he started pressurizing me to buy a membership plan for that place. All the while he was staring at me weirdly. The dentist asked me out after the treatment which for me is highly unethical. Like how can you do something like that? Dentists at Deluxe Dental are fucking insane. I was even told that I had some serious infection and that should be treated immediately. The dentist was a big perv and I don’t think anyone should consider going there. It’d be much safer for you to go someplace else. I was lucky enough that I forcefully took a chance and consulted another dentist first. He told me that there was nothing wrong with my teeth. It was just a strategy by Deluxe Dental to make money and nothing else.

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