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David Stanley Dodge

I was in the market for a new car and decided to give David Stanley a call. We were approved for a 2011 dodge charger and decided to make the hour drive for the purchase. After negogiating on money down, reading and signing the documents, and making the purchase. We were the proud owners of a 2011 dodge charger. I traded in a 2008 charger and waited for them to replace my rims. Which means that had to take the old rims off my trade in and put them on my new car. They informed my husband that he had to remove the customized radio that we had put in the car himself if he wanted it. All of that was taken care of over a period of 3 hours. The car that we had purchased was white and was not cleaned before we left the store. After getting the car home and washing it we noticed 14 hail dents that were on the car. After calling and complaining to the Customer Relations Manager, Justin Hammit, we decided to make the drive back to OKC so that they could see it themselves. Upon our arrive Justin presents us with a copy of a hail damage disclosure with my husbands signature. He asks him “Is that not your signature.” By this time were explaining to him that there is no way that we would have signed anything and purchased what we thought was a new car with (14) multiple hail damage dents. I then asked him if I could see our file. He said ” No you can”t see it.” I said ” I can”t see a file that has my husband and I social security number on it.” He said “No you can”t see it.” This lead me to believe some documents had been falsified. Why else would I have not been able to see papers that my husband and I supposedly signed. Of course they agreed to fix the hail damage. However, I am not letting this go. I”m going to contact the BBB and seek legal advice. I have yet to see a copy of the file that we asked for nor do I have a copy of all of our paper work.


  1. Nichelle Kallbrier May 24, 2020
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  3. Augustine Statton May 24, 2020
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