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Dirty Restrooms and totally UNHYGIENIC

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14 September 2019

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My wife took me to Dave and Buster’s for my Birthday. As you stroll in there are guys at the door checking ID’s, and they were by all accounts wanna be bouncers – Security. We headed inside and the hostess was out on a brief siesta and it resembled she couldn’t have cared less by any stretch of the imagination. The food and wait staff was appalling. Above all else, the costs are not shoddy so I expect quality that reflects it. I requested a Jack Daniels BBQ chicken and the chicken was phoney like a patty and in no way like a bit of chicken bosom you’d get at another café. McDonald’s chicken was all the more genuine. The waitress was inconsiderate and wrecked my request twice and had the nerve to have a demeanour when she had to explain the menu to us. I requested a regular mixed drink, she carried it to me frozen and said we bring all beverages frozen except if you determine something else. So false. Then she argued with me I requested it from a beverage menu when I requested it from the standard menu where beverages were in the front. My beverage wasn’t even in the other menu. There was just a single little segment of frozen beverages and my beverage was not one of them in addition to I requested a salted top. She carried back a similar beverage with a portion of the frozen parts dumped out and included a fluid top. It was as yet a thick consistency so I realize that is what was done to rescue the beverage. First time I need to state a mixed beverage was awful. It was just a margarita. Then she attempted to charge us at a normal cost feast when we requested of the lunch area and even indicated it when we requested. She didn’t bring us napkins as she expressed she was and we in the long run needed to ask another server. The rest of the spot such as the games segment was not extraordinary either. No fun whatsoever. Most appropriate for grown-ups, teenagers, preteens and more established kids. Be prepared to pay a bit for points to play and not be exhausted like $20 and up. I do believe that this spot does not have a great deal for everybody with regards to games-drinks-sports on the TVs. The restrooms were dirty and we did not see any individuals on the floor clearing empty glasses from tables. I found the representative’s on the floor very unfriendly. I wouldn’t want anything more than a couple of hand sanitizer stations dissipated all through the game floor considering it’s all hands and loads of children and well, just likely a germ fest somewhat.
All in all this entire place is not worth visiting, moreover, it’s too pricy. The food, atmosphere, customer service and all do not even deserve one star. You better go to some other place if you want a great and economical night out.

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