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My company purchased 2 laser ink cartridges from, because they were a lot less expensive than purchasing them in an office supply store. When we received them, the first one we tried did not work, the company sent us a UPS return label & we returned the cartridge & received another one, which also did not work, we went to buy the original cartridge from an office supply store & that didn”t work, we were told that we probably received defective merchandise which in turn destroyed our laser printer. I called Databazaar & explained the situation, they said they could not do anything regarding the printer but would send a UPS label to return the 2 laser cartridges and would refund $55.30 once the merchandise was back to them. We did not hear from them, for over a week & did not receive a refund, so on December 10, we sent them an email & I checked the ups tracking, the package was indeed signed for on December 3 at their Florida location. I was told that by looking at the package weight they could tell that there was not 2 ink cartridges in there, I assured them there was, I had 2 people with me when packaging and sending the box. I did not put them back in the original individual boxes as they came in & then they were in a larger box, I just threw them together in one box & sent them. After stating that, they are telling me that they have another rma# for us and have not received the merchandise & will not be issuing a refund until receiving this. I do not nor have never had any other merchandise from them, I returned the first defective cartridge & then the 2nd pkg containing 2 defective cartridges. They do not answer my emails, they will not return phone calls, I have 7 requests to them asking for a response, have not received any responses. I was assured that somebody by the name of Rita would return my call as she is located in the Florida office, but never received a phone call from her. The only people that I can speak to are located in India and say they will get back to me and do not. I don”t know what to do next, but this is not right. They also accidentally sent me an RMA # for a return not too long ago which was meant for another company, but then I received an email after that telling me to disregard the previous message. So, obviously they are making other errors.

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