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Dadeland Oral Surgery is a Sham

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date published
12 September 2019

posted by
Ricardo Gonzalez

surely are mistaken. I had a visit to Dadeland Oral Surgery because I was suddenly having problems with my teeth and needed to consult a dental consultant instantly. Dadeland Oral Surgery was the only option I had because first, it was close to my house and second it had good ratings online. Well, I pity these bastards to opt techniques which makes patients uncomfortable. The Dadeland Oral Surgery website state that it is specialist in treating with the crowns and cleaning and I also needed the same so I booked an appointment with them but didn’t know that I am going to regret this decision later on. The customer’s service was rude with me and asked me to pay an additional fee if I wanted to get the appointment on an urgent basis, seems like they keep some slots available so that they can make some extra cash out of it. I booked my appointment with them for the next morning because I had to go to work later. On the day of my appointment, I was told that the doctor is late and will going to show up in the next 30 minutes or so as I was having severe pain in my teeth I made myself patient and waited for the doctor and tried not to get mad upon them. The doctor looked a nice guy but not during the treatment as he was rough with me. As a patient you always have the feeling of anxiety in you which can make you uncomfortable and it is the responsibility of the doctor to treat you with care and respect so that you may feel good during the treatment, but this was not the case with the doctors at Dadeland Oral Surgery the way they treated me was horrible. It looked like he was rushed into something and he didn’t have much time for me. He showed no concern for my problems nor even asked me anything. Like the other staff, he welcomed me with a bad attitude. If these idiots think that this will make their patient pleased then I am sorry as a patient I would not like to see these retards in my entire life again. Because you are not playing with toys right now and actually with someone’s health and all you try to do is to make your money. The doctor even tried to insist me to buy one of his services and claimed that it will make my teeth stronger and whiter, just another way to make more money. Dental clinics like these are a curse to our society and patients trust these bastards to get themselves treated. It has happened with me and also can happen with you so stay away from them, I repeat stay away or else you will be the one bearing the consequences then.

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