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22 September 2019

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I was the only water gallon supplier in my locality and I was tired of supplying water gallons one by one to every house, so I decided to buy a mini truck where I could load all the goods at once and make my job easier. I want capable of buying a new vehicle so I started searching for a pre-owned vehicle at an affordable price. I came to know about the D-Patrick Motoplex over the internet. They were selling a used car at an affordable price. After much of an inquiry about them, I came to know that they were genuine and had a good inventory.
I made an appointment with the manager and chose the ford ranger truck to be the best for my business. I was called by the manager the other day to complete the paper works. It so happened that the manager didn’t show up the other day and after waiting for two long hours the receptionist fixed another date for completing the paper works. I was pissed off and went back home. I came back the other day and it took me an hour to reach since the place was at a good distance from my house. The manager was present and I completed the required paper works. It was the time of payment and it took them an hour to clear the cheque.
I only did a single mistake, I didn’t ask for a test drive no, I told them to show me the model from the front before finalizing the deal. It was due to this mistake that I still regret buying a vehicle from the D-Patrick Motoplex. The manager took advantage of it and told me that my car would be delivered within 3 days from the date of payment. I was very excited about it and didn’t think that they would take advantage of it. The vehicle took more than 10 days to be delivered and I was very disappointed by it. Not only this, the vehicle delivered to me was of a third class, without any proper maintenance. The inside of the car was even the worst and I wanted to kill myself for buying the car from D-Patrick Motoplex. The audio jack was broken, the steering was jam because it hadn’t been used for years. The windshield was full of scratches, the suspensions were not working properly and the side mirror was broken too.
Before I could ask the staff member about such a horrible condition of the car, they flew away. I called the manager so that I could tell him about the condition but he didn’t bother to pick up my phone call and all I could do was give slangs to them. I had to repair them all from a custom shop, it was a great investment behind the vehicle to look better than before. I decided to not buy this online. They show attractive stuff over the internet and deliver the most unattractive product they could. Please keep yourself away from the D-Patrick Motoplex, they surely going to make you unhappy with their service.

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