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I don’t want anyone to repeat the mistake which I did. Stay alert.

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08 September 2019

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I was about to shift to my farmhouse located on the outskirts of this city so I decided to sell my Volkswagen which wasn’t used since the past 4 years. It was better to sell rather than repair because the cost would have been nearly the same. I wanted a good price for my car even though it was old it would have looked like a new one after a few system repairs. I also wanted it to sell to a genuine buyer. I did a lot of research about good car dealers and found out D A N Auto Parts to be the best at their service. I enquired about the place and it seemed to be genuine with a pleasing personal website. I decided to sell my car right here unaware of the fact that it would be one of my biggest mistakes doing so.
I made an appointment with the owner of the shop and told him about every detail of my car. I was then called upon by them to complete the paper works. I went into the place and the crowd kept me waiting for an hour. It was finally my turn and I chose the ‘mobile plan’ where the worker of a company would come up himself and tow the car away. After all the paper works were done I asked them about the payment to which they said that they would directly transfer the money to my bank account. Everything went well until the real problem crept in. I had the schedule of leaving my house in the next two days and the workers of the company were about to come on the day of appointment but unfortunately, they didn’t show up on the appointed date. I called the manager to know about the complications made. The manager said that the towing truck was out of service and it would take another day to get repaired and then only could they come and tow my car down. I had to extend my schedule because of them and wait.
Luckily they showed up at the 11th hour of the next because I was just going to make a call to them. They asked for the documents and took away the car. The payment was promised to be done within a week of the takeaway but it’s about 2 months now and I was still waiting for the payment to be done. I called them many times regarding the payment and every time I got the same answer that it would be cleared soon. I was annoyed and went to the D A N Auto Parts to complain about the issue I was facing. They told me to go and talk to the finance branch located on the other side of the city, basically too far from here. I was not ready to go and asked them to pay me right then to which they denied straightaway because their matter was to buy and sell the car, the matter with the payment was of the financial branch. I couldn’t help but wait for the payment to be done. I still regret the decision of selling my car to the D A N Auto Parts. The place should be shut down because it’s run by a bunch of lunatics. They had assured me to clear the payment by one week but it’s been a month now and I still am waiting.

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