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They don’t have a professional dentist

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18 September 2019

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What exactly comes into mind first? When you listen to a word, ‘’Crystal smile’’. I know the feeling. For example, a person who is having some dental problem currently and he randomly listens to the word “Crystal Smiles” from some known person, obviously his first reaction would be to ask, do you know this place? If the answer is in yes, the smile on the face of that guy would be priceless. But that guy doesn’t know who they are. Let me tell you in detail, the guy that was having immense dental pain was me. My cousin recommended me to visit Crystal Smiles clinic. But he did not know they will make my condition even worst. Anyhow, I went to the Crystal Smile clinic after getting the appointment over a phone call. When I was at the clinic, everyone was waiting for the doctor to arrive. I even asked the front desk administrator, she said that she was not going to come tonight. I furiously said then why did you give me today’s appointment if she was not going to come today? She said I am going to give you tomorrow’s first appointment. So, on the first day, I came home after wasting my two-hours. I also noticed some strange things when I was at the clinic. There were not many customers over there; to be precise there were only three customers including me. There was no proper cleaning and it was very small and stuffy as well.
The very next day, I went to the clinic, and again Dr Johnson was late. I asked another regular customer about Dr Johnson. He told me, she always comes late. I waited for two and a half hours, at last, she came. She had groceries in one hand and some dentist tools in another. I asked her about the sterilization of tools. She told me they do proper sterilization every time and then started ignoring me. But, I don’t think so. She did a whole check-up of my mouth and advised me some medicine, after that, I came back home. After two days, again the pain came back even severely. I went back to the clinic; she gave me some antibiotics again and sent me home. This procedure carried on for almost two months. Every time I went there to see her, she used to send me home with some newly prescribed medicines. I was stuck with the pain until I had a procedure called tooth extractions from another dentistry, far from my home. But, now I am in relief.
Dr Johnson, from Crystal Smile Clinic, is not a professional dentist. She will make you suffer in every possible way you can imagine. The place is unhygienic and they also behave a little foggy at times. I don’t understand why Dr. Johnson had not extracted my tooth that was causing severe pain. Now, I think they were just making money out of me. I am writing this article, so you don’t have to bear the pain and sufferings as I had. Stay Away!

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