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02 September 2019

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Owning a house is a matter of prestige for an individual. This world only respects a person by the choice of his/her lifestyle and house. After living in a rented house for almost seven years, I finally decided it was time for me to get my own. I got tired of listening to the landlord blabber every day. Since I did not have that enough savings to buy a new place at one go, I decided to look for suitable mortgage funds in order to get a loan to buy a new place. I had already selected my to-be house and all that was left was to get a suitable loan according to my income.
I started looking online as well as offline for suitable companies who could provide a home loan at an affordable ROI and down payment. It took me some time before I came across ‘CrownMark Mortgage’. After reading all the conditions on the website, I filled up the application forms and applied for the loan. After seeing a list of loan plans I could hardly afford, I went down to their office to have a clearer understanding of the types of loans they provided. I stepped into the office and the first thing I noticed in there was how a customer was being shouted at. I assumed that the customer must have done something wrong and therefore was being shouted at. I decided to ignore it and went to an employee regarding my queries. One after another, the employees kept sending me to other employees and it was frustrating. It seemed as if they were being forced to work there as they showed no interest in a potential customer. I got frustrated and directly went into the manager’s office. He seemed like a nice guy. He offered me a glass of water and explained the procedures of getting a loan.
We finally agreed on a plan whose rate of interest was slightly lower than the other plans. I decided to go for it after the manager sweet-talked me into it. The documentation process started and honestly, it was a nightmare. All I did was run around, make photocopies of documents and submit them at the office. On some days, the manager refused to even see me. The process took longer than it was supposed to. The estimated time for the clearance of the loan was 2 months. It had been more than 3 months and still, there was no sign of the loan being approved. It was getting really frustrating. They even stopped picking up my calls. After 6 months of pestering and tiring struggle, my loan finally got approved.
There was only a ‘slight’ problem. The loan plan that I had opted for was not on the official document. They had picked a plan for me which had a higher rate of interest and down payment was also much higher. The fun fact is – I was not even informed. After the loan had been sanctioned, I had to cancel it. Because of this, the house I was supposed to buy was sold off to someone else.
I would not recommend anyone to even think of getting themselves financed by CrownMark Mortgage as all the people working there care about is making money.

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