Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center

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Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center Review

Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center

My ibogaine experience at Transitions Advanced Ibogaine Therapy was terrible. I talked to some of the original people in the community, namely Eric Taub who advised me not to go to Transitions. I didn’t listen and was sold on what Beau Mason tells clients. Huge mistake on my part. Beau Mason is a scam artist and a fraud. His Drs. don’t speak good English at al and they have no idea what they are doing . Especially not for complicated cases. He claims he uses pharmaceutical ibogaine but that turns out to be a lie. He advertises that 2 drs are present during the treatment but that is a lie as wel. He will just take your money and leave you in withdrawal at the airport. Do not do business with this man or his clinic as he will rip you off. Several of the patients that were there with me felt the same way. Beau Mason claims to be the director of Transitions, but he is not even at the center, when i asked for him they told me he is not in town. I was there for a week and didnt see him once. He is sleazy scumball and he riped me off. All I can do is offer good advice for those who are in need go honest reliable treatment. Do not go to Transitions Advanced Ibogaine Therapy in Rosarito Mexico. Call Eric Taub and he will point you in the right direction.

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