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Damaged my new car while delivering

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24 September 2019

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When a person gifts another person something, he or she wants it to be perfect. I had always wanted to gift my parents something big as a token of unending appreciation for all the things they did for me since my childhood. Thus, on their 30th wedding anniversary, I decided to surprise them by gifting them a brand-new car. After thinking for a long time, I decided to gift them a Mercedes. I did not know much about cars because of which I had to take the help of some friends and colleagues to shortlist several cars. I decided to go and check out the shortlisted cars myself at a nearby showroom. I searched online for Mercedes Benz dealerships in my vicinity and the nearest one was Critz Inc. Mercedes Benz. I took some time to go through their website. I saw several cars listed. There were also options for home delivery of parts available. The only problem with the site0 was that it lagged a lot. It was a bit tough for me to reach the ‘Contact Us’ page because of the constant lag. I finally managed to get hold of the contact number and schedule an appointment for the next day.
I reached the place with a friend. We went inside and looked at the cars on display while waiting for the salesperson to come and introduce us to the world of premium quality cars and provide us with some technical specifications of some of the fascinatingly brilliant vehicles. After a while, the salesperson came and we showed him the list of cars we wanted to know more about. Most of the cars were unavailable except a few. After almost an hour, I finally came to like a car and decided to go for it. The car on display, although dusty, looked beautiful. I chose to go for the black coloured model. I filled up the paperwork and cleared the payment. The only request that I made was that I asked them to deliver the car on the eve of my parents’ anniversary. I wanted it to be a magical moment for I wanted to look in the eyes of my parents when they saw the car. They agreed to it and I was assured of the timely delivery of the car in perfect condition. After a week, on the eve of the anniversary, I had to call them to remind them of the delivery request that I had made. They hurriedly brought the car to our place. I took my parents to the front gate where the car was parked.
I could not believe my eyes. The car could not have been in worse condition. It seemed old and was dusty. There were scratches on it. I’m certain that the delivery guy ruined the car. It could not have been more embarrassing. I called them that very moment and told them that I would need a refund. It has been a month now and I still have not heard from them. I would strictly recommend against going to that damned place because, despite all the bling of the reputed banner, that place has no standards at all.

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