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Craftsman Review

Beware of Craftsman

I was gifted a brand new craftsman impact drill for christmas this past season 2018. I had just recently found the need for needing the use of the drill for a project I was doing so I cut the strings and opened the box. I proceed to plug in the charger and let both batteries charge till a sold green light appeared. They both work great and I was very happy with the performance. After I was done I disconnected the battery from the drill and put in up for the night.. Not even 12 hours later when I got it back out to use. The both batteries were dead and wont even bring a light when I had plugged it into the charger even after leaving on it for a few hours a peice I can”t even address this at sears do to no receipt and the fact that I had received it as a gift! Craftsman use to make quality but honestly this will be the last craftsman tool I ever have very sad that the quality is so horibol! So what I am saying is that a $100 impact drill came with 2 faulty batteries. Thanks craftsman I want 2 new batteries for my brand new drill!! This is not right! I am attaching photos. Cause the charger wont even light up when I plug it in. But not sure if it is even supposed to but all I know is the batteries are dead as dead gets.


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