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I had to pay for the breaks along with the tires.

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08 September 2019

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My only ambition was to keep my car in good condition. It was about 7 years ago I when bought my car. Few mobile parts of my car started degrading such as the steering, suspension and the breaks. The most important thing that needed repair was the breaks. They were a total failure and wasn’t working properly. I decided to get it repaired on the Cquence Brakes. The shop was specialized for the repair of breaks and their main goal was to fix them for top-notch quality. I went there directly to get my breaks replaced but I was informed by the manager that they only take up customers by appointment. They had an online system for fixing an appointment, so I made an appointment right there in front of them so that they could give me a suitable time today. The manager of the place was very wicked because even after seeing me stand there, he fixed an appointment for the next day and told me to drop in my car the next day because they are full of appointments today. I requested them to do it today anyhow, but I was denied straightaway. I took my car back home and waited for the next day.
I went into the place to finally get my breaks repaired. One of the staff members directed me to the parking lot. I waited for more than half an hour in the parking lot inside my car. Frustrated, I called the manager to take a look at my car because I was getting late already. A staff member came up to me and took my car inside his custom room. He then came out after 20 minutes and told me that he would fit in the semi-metallic brake pads for a longer duration. I agreed to the plan and was told to wait for 15 minutes max. It was more than 45 minutes and I was waiting in the lobby when suddenly one of the staff members came and told me that the tires were damaged and punctured all of a sudden. They didn’t accept their mistake and tried to make excuses to hide their mistakes. I told them to repair it but they said that it would cost me extra for the repair of tires. I was pissed off by the workers because my car was working well with the tires until I came in here and now they said that it would cost me extra for repairing the tire. I was not ready to give an extra penny for it until they forced me to because they didn’t want to be busy with my car all day.
I was very disappointed and not at all happy with the work of the mechanics out there. I would take my business elsewhere from the next time and wouldn’t waste my time coming here anymore. I recommend everyone to stay out of the reach of Cquence Brakes they are horrible with their work and the time management was poor too.

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