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I took my car and furiously stormed out of there.

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02 September 2019

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During my early adult days, I worked really hard. The hard work, although being a habit, was also a necessity for me. I had always wanted to buy a car ever since my childhood days. After saving up for many weeks, I finally bought my dream car – An Audi. Recently, two things happened – 1) My car insurance got expired and 2) My car was caught up in a terrible accident. Talking about #1 – I kept procrastinating and I did not get my insurance renewed before the accident. About the accident? It was terrible. There were dents everywhere. The windows were all shattered and even the engine was damaged. I was really attached to my car and did not want a new one and thus, I decided to get it repaired.
I was willing to spend money as it was my first car and wanted it to go back to being the top-performer that it really was. I started searching online for car repairing shops. Although I came across many, the only one that grabbed my attention was Country Line Auto Body. Its simplicity attracted me and therefore without any further, I went directly to them.
I walked into the office and the very first that I could not help but notice was a pungent smell in the waiting area. I don’t know what that smell was but trust me, it was fucking suffocating. I went to the receptionist and she too, was not pleasant. When I asked her whom I should talk to regarding the repairs of my car, she told me to wait for some time. After waiting for almost an hour, I finally met an employee.
After telling him everything, the reply I got was and I quote “Hahaha, bad luck”. I decided to ignore this and asked him about the cost of repairs. We both came outside and after checking my car, he told me the estimated amount. Although I had my doubts regarding the place, I decided to go for it as I did not want any further delay. I was assured of the quality of the service and how the car would look ‘as good as new’ after completion of the repairs.
After leaving my car there, all I prayed for was to get everything repaired properly and in time. The estimated period of time for the repairs was one month but it took them more than two months to even call me back. As soon as I got the call, I was there the very next day.
After inspecting the car, all I was able to find were flaws. All the dents were not fixed properly. The dents looked really bumpy and the body was not smooth at all. The paint job was a joke. There were apparent scratches everywhere. The rear-view mirrors were still broken. When I started the car, it took some time to start and while driving, there was a weird noise that I can’t explain in words.
They said that it was the best they could do.
No matter how bad the condition of your car is, never, I repeat – NEVER take your car to Country Line Auto Body.

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