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Didn’t repair my car at all!!

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05 November 2019

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I took my car to the Cornerstone Auto Solutions which is situated at La Habra, Unites States. My car was facing multiple problems after coming back from a road trip of 10 days. The problems included the heating of the engine and because of it, the AC didn’t cool the surroundings properly. The brake pads were getting rough and the suspensions were not working at a full pace. It was time that I take my car to a place where all the problems could be fixed at once. I chose the Cornerstone Auto Solutions because their webpage portrayed positivity all over the page and the boasting of professional workers made me confident about the work of the Cornerstone Auto Solutions.
I made an appointment with them online and took my car to the place before time. The manager was already busy with another customer and I had to wait for more than an hour for my turn. The manager had a very rude nature and a mind full of attitude. I met his arrogant ass where he was not able to converse properly because he was not in his senses. He seemed to be more of a drunkard. His assistant took his seat and continued with the further procession of the deal. A mechanic was supposed to come and inspect my car. He came after an hour and till then I had to wait. He then checked my vehicle and told me that the repair would take more than a day. I was told to come after a day at the same time to take back my car. I came in the other day but my car was still there full of dust without any repair. I was disappointed and met the manager right then to tell him about the pending work. I was told that there were many pending orders so that mechanics were busy with that. The manager then requested me to come over after he calls. This became worse when he didn’t call for the next 2 days and due to impatience, I decided to go to the place and take my car back. It was at that moment I saw one of the mechanics sitting on top of the bonnet and smoking cigarettes. I became very furious and rushed into the manager’s room. I told him about the work still being incomplete and cursed them for wasting my time.
The manager got offended and had no intention of apologizing for his mistakes, all he did was argue with me the whole time giving excuses about the extra work which kept the workers busy. I decided to take my car away from the worthless place and the problem didn’t stop here, I was told to pay for the parking of 3 days. This couldn’t get any worse. I would never come back to Cornerstone Auto Solutions. They didn’t even start working with my vehicle after 3 days of the appointment. I wasted all my time over the wrong place. The manager should be fired for his rude and arrogant behaviour. If the condition of the place and the attitude of the people of the Cornerstone Auto Solutions remained the same, the place would be shut down soon. Please avoid taking your business to the wrong place.

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