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Consumer Priority Service Review

Consumer Priority Service

I was unfortunate enough to have bought an extended warranty through this company. I thought I was in good hands based on previous reviews I was wrong. In July my freezer broke I called in a claim and was assured that a GE service representative would set an appointment within 24 hours. I did get an appointment two weeks later on July 25th. I was ok with waiting. The GE service man, Kevin was very nice he told me that the repairs would be about $1200 I said “thank God I have a warranty service”. He then went on to inform me that this call “was put in as a cash call” He informed me to call the company back (CPS) and tell them to put it in as a warranty call. I did. I got a call from Nathan Zalta, he was very nice and told me that that the GE repairman should never have asked me for money for the call. I explained the mix up that CPS placed it in as a cash call not a warranty call. He said he understood and was sorry for the length of time it was taking to repair my freezer. A week later I called him and he said he was waiting for GE to give him a parts list. I said ok. On 8/15 I spoke with Nathan again and he informed me that I was “not to worry he would take care of it” He was still waiting for GE to give him the parts list. I called Nathan again on August 28th to get the status of the supposed parts order. I left a message. On August 29th Nathan called me back and informed me that it was all my fault for cancelling the appointment on July 25th, I explained to him AGAIN that I DID NOT cancel the appointment and that the appointment was kept it was just that the repairman said it was a cash call. I also asked him why we were going over this again when he had already told me he was waiting for a parts list. He had the audacity to tell me that GE don’t lie and they said I cancelled. I need my freezer fixed, why would I lie? And to call into question my moral character? I am a therapist and take my character seriously. I asked Nathan if I could speak with his boss because it was apparent something is very wrong. He informed me “that he is the boss of CPS there is no one higher then him except the board members and they don’t talk to customers” I was appalled, I hung figuring I need a lawyer. I called GE and spoke with them and they are willing to provide me with proof that it was put in as a cash call and it was CPS mistake. I am so frustrated with this company, I have been getting the run around. I did file a report with the better business bureau and hopefully they will be able to help.

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