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I tried to move on from it but I possibly couldn’t.

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09 September 2019

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I recently broke up with my girlfriend. Being so much in love with her I wanted her to stay with me throughout my life. Unfortunately, fights became frequent as months passed by and it became intolerable for her and she moved on saying it couldn’t work anymore like this. I was heartbroken and didn’t converse and interact much with anyone around. As a result, I started losing friends and a time came when I had no one by my side but only negativity. I was very disturbed without her and this affected my physical health too.
One of my friends then suggested me to go to the Conscious Choices. They were a healthcare centre with the best psychiatrist. The place seemed perfect for my problem and I made sure to get myself appointed there. It was my first day out there and I was called upon by my doctor. The first few sessions, he was too good to me and I felt comfortable talking and sharing my personal feelings with him. After about 4-5 sessions the behaviour of my doctor suddenly changed he started taking out his frustration on me. Since I was a teenager he once pulled my ears because I was restless. He did it so hard that I was about to cry. It felt very strange to me but he apologized for the same. The next few sessions were mostly the same. He didn’t communicate with me whenever I asked for any kind of help and assistance he delayed the topic for the next day. I was annoyed and shocked by the sudden change in his behaviour. One day it so happened that I came late to the health care centre and the therapist kept me outside for half an hour and then called me in and scolded me for wasting his precious hour. He then suspended me for the whole week. All this strange behaviour of the doctor made me more depressed and I was pissed off every time I went to him. A time came when I hated visiting him because of his cruelty. He’s a wicked person. He seemed frustrated with me after a few sessions for no reason at all. He wouldn’t conduct the sessions properly.
If I would have known his wickedness before I would never have visited a doctor like him. I still regret being a part of the Conscious Choices. My therapist was the worst and I don’t know about others. I wonder how they tolerate this lunatic. I will never recommend anyone to come here because the doctors are very cruel and will act like they are the softest person living but it would soon be proved wrong when they start showing their true colours. Please stay away from such health care centres they are a fraud. If you wish to get pissed off real soon then this is the right place for you, or else please stay away.

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