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12 October 2019

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Worst experience! I went in for a routine cleaning and dr. Burton ended up convincing me to extract my wisdom teeth right then and there! I had been delaying this work for over 3 years due to my schedule and trying to avoid the inconvenience of pain, limited eating, and missing work. Dr. Burton took a quick look and assessed that the extraction would take more than 4 hours total, i wouldnt miss work, my diet wouldnt be limited, and crazy enough – i could not drive right after and called my sister to take me home.  It seemed too good to be true, but i trusted worst team at conroe dental associates, and agreed to go forward with the extraction. Three weeks later and I can confirm dr. Burton took what would normally be a dreaded procedure and made it as inconvenient for me as possible. I was not able to eat normally after the numbing wore off and was only taking over the counter medicines for 12 long days. Thanks for the worst work, conroe dental associates!

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