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My overall experience was very bad with Compass Cove.

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08 September 2019

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Do not ever visit Compass Cove because they are the ones who claim to have the best services in the town but on my last visit, I did not see anything like that. Compass Cove is a 3-star hotel in Myrtle Beach. South Carolina. They claim to have the best services and rooms in the locality in terms of cleanliness, customer service, and pricing. I wanted to spend some quality time with my family and wanted to choose one of the best locations to enjoy. I chose to go to Compass Cove because it had a lot of positive reviews. But later, I found out that Compass Cove offers incentive and discount to customers in exchange for positive reviews. I arrived late at the hotel and due to my long trip, I was very tired.  At the check-in time, I was confronted by a very rude manager who actually has no concerns about their customers, the front desk guy told me that I had no booking with them but I can make another reservation right now and get my room straight away, this was a joke I guess but no! that’s what the people at Compass Cove often do with their customers and try to make their money they do know this thing that the customers are tired so why not make some extra cash. However as I was tired I asked the guy to book me another room so that I can rest myself, but I didn’t know what was coming after. The room was dirty. It looked like it had not been cleaned for a few weeks. After calling room cleaning services multiple times they asked me to wait as the guy would come and assist me properly but he never came. The room was so dirty that when I placed my 9 months old in his walker to give some freedom to him, after a couple of minutes his feet were dirty and filthy which reflects the condition of the room. Later on, I asked the manager to change my room because it was not bearable to step a foot in there. I asked the front desk guy to appoint me a room facing oceanfront because it had queen beds. Before coming I did some research on the hotel and that’s why I knew about it. But I was shocked to see that there were no queen size beds in the room, instead of it they were full-size beds only. It’s kind of a misleading thing for the customers because you post queen beds online for rooms facing oceanfront and then you find out that there is nothing like that as the rooms do not look as they look online. Also, the Wifi was not working. I don’t think it’s okay for anyone to visit this place. I left the hotel after I realized what a terrible place it is and I would advise you to avoid this place as well.

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