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ClearWire Review

Beware of ClearWire

In August of 2008 I had enough of paying clearwire for “High-Speed” internet that was not high-speed, so I started using anopther better provider for a lower cost. I called clearwire and asked them to cancel my service. They indicated they would, no problem, (I had been a customer for over 2 yrs) they would send me a UPS label and could I box up the modem and return. I said I would. I never received the UPS lable, but I did continue receiving bills on my credit card. In October I called back and tried to clear it up, but they indicated they had my email address written down wrong, (How is that my problem) and they would now send the UPS label to the correct verified address. it never came, but another bill on my credit card did . I had to cancel my credit card and to this day, I have never received a label, and ended up taking the modem back to a Clearwire retail location, and I receive a phone call from Clearwire and theur collection agency every single day/ What can I do?


  1. Charlott Helser May 24, 2020
  2. Daryl Goltra May 24, 2020

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