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18 September 2019

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This place is not pleasant at all by any means. At least my experience was outrageous. I strongly recommend that you don’t waste your money and find some real experienced dental practitioners somewhere else. They are simply terrible; from receiving calls, billing, reporting payments, and processing to the dentists themselves. The reception is horrible, they explain nothing but ask you to visit at once. Doctor Christiana, from Pleasant Dental, told me that I needed to have a root canal procedure although I was not having any root canal related issues. They drilled a hole in my mouth for a root canal during my second treatment. I asked them, how come did I miss the root canal the first time? As I came to see you for the root canal treatment. They said we waited for some right time and that it is now the right time for a root canal procedure to be performed. By the way, they charged me for a root canal treatment fee first time without actually performing the procedure. Then after a few days of the actual root canal surgery, I discovered a blockage in my tooth, I started to feel pain and asked to make an appointment. They replied that their dentist was not there and they could send me to another place where I can ask for a second opinion.
As I said, during the first treatment, they charged me the double payment, whereas I had already paid my actual dues. I thought it might be some kind of an error, so I decided to give them a second chance and went for another treatment later on. Upon my arrival there, the front desk officer opened a credit card for me and charged my card at full the same day after promising to review my account. On a real basis, the treatment expense should depend on how serious the issue is but they charged my account for like everything. A rough approximation for the root canal treatment itself (excluding a dental reclamation following the method) performed by a general dental specialist could run from $500 to $1,000 for an incisor and $800 to $1,500 for a molar. The expenses charged by Endodontists could be up to half higher but they charged me exactly double the practice. After a few days, the officer sent me a settlement and released me some papers so they could return money that I did not know was being charged and should have been returned without any hassle. One month has passed since second treatment but still, I am waiting to hear from them, and I am still fighting over the telephone and emails as they were sending me the wrong documents.
In short, they drilled a hole in my mouth without any reason and charged me double the amount. They will surely give you false information and diagnosis and will steal your money too. Please do not consider them for any dental related treatment. I hope someone else would not be their victim again, and hopefully, they will pay my money back one day.

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