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Terrible experience for kids

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25 September 2019

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Children need to feel relaxed and safe at Children’s Escape Spa, LLC. I didn’t feel comfortable with my child having a Spa treatment. The staff didn’t give my child the perfect facial and massage that she needed to feel relaxed and comfortable during the treatment. There’s no patience with kids from Children’s Escape Spa, LLC.
This place has no child-friendly staff and isn’t what you see in big advertisements.
I wasn’t impressed with the unprofessional teamwork and hope nobody goes through what my daughter had at the Spa. They don’t respect kids and are rude to kids, and don’t offer the best services to kids.
This is no place for kids because staff doesn’t care for children’s needs and for treating children with patience, love, and care.
My child wasn’t impressed with the staff pulling on her hand to walk her to the facility for a massage and facial treatment. I didn’t see the satisfaction in my child’s face from the unpleasant treatment she had at Children’s Escape Spa, LLC.
No child felt happy and calm in the treatment of pedicures and facial treatment. Children weren’t eager to stay at the Spa.
I noticed other girls of my daughter’s age didn’t enjoy the treatment and my daughter didn’t feel happy and pleased with the care from staff members. Clearly, the people at this clinic aren’t interested in providing a good experience to the kids who visit the place.
It is of no good for children to have to go through treatment they aren’t happy with. I felt my daughter needed to have this experience but at Children’s Escape Spa, LLC, this treatment is no pleasure and isn’t soothing to children.
Kids don’t want to feel pressured into massages and facials or pedicures.
There aren’t good memories for my child from this Spa. Pampering children at Children’s Escape Spa, LLC doesn’t exist. They aren’t pleased to give children the best care and services.
I felt disappointed for kids’ experiences and won’t take my daughter back there, to have unfriendly and unpleasant experiences of massages and pedicures, also, facial treatment. I don’t see the professionalism of this company.
Staff members didn’t make kids feel confident while having the treatment and isn’t a good start for kids to experience unhappy moments and to feel insecure in treatment. A child needs to feel free, happy, and confident when having facials, massages and pedicure treatment. I didn’t find it in my child at Children’s Escape Spa, LLC.
The unfriendly staff failed to show my child the best care during treatment. They don’t have high self-esteem for children from teamwork and it’s rude to make children feel scared of the treatment. There’s no top-notch treatment for kids and no excellent services to make kids feel good of treatments, and it isn’t fair for children for staff members to show bad attitude when in need of toiletries. I don’t recommend Children’s Escape Spa, LLC to parents for their children from the terrible experiences my daughter had there.

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