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Chichie's Grooming Spa Review

Chichie’s Grooming Spa

My experience with Chichie’s Canine design was more than disappointing it was downright insulting. For starters, the website states that they take grooming appointments Monday – Saturday, but of course when you call they’ll tell you that they never have done and don’t do Saturday appointments and that Chichie also doesn’t groom on Mondays. That should get you wondering. Then there’s the fact that Chichie and her daughter are out to take advantage of you and how much you care for your dog. They pray on the unsuspecting. Case in point: my finance–poor guy has never been to a dog groomer in his life and was charged $235 for the groom of my bichon frise, who, incidentally ended up with a poodle-cut not a bichon cut. When I called to complain about what he was charged, Chichie waxed poetic about how she had been ill recently, how her daughter must have done extra de-matting work to justify the price and promised that she would “only” charge $135 for the next groom. I’m a glutton for punishment, and wanting a last minute grooming appointment for my dog, I called again. This time Chichie was downright insulting. I inquired about a Saturday groom, having seen the website and she informed me that I should know better since I was a returning customer–they don’t groom Saturdays. She had no explanation for the misleading advertising other than “we told them to change it.” When I asked her to confirm the price she had given me earlier, she refused. When I pressed her she told me that if I wanted a “discount” groom, I could find someone else to do it. In who’s world is $135 a discount groom? In Chichie-land it is. Don’t make the mistake of taking your dog to this place, no groom is worth subjecting yourself to this kind of abuse, not to mention the hefty price your pride and pocketbook will have to pay!

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