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Chesapeake Regional Medical Center Review

Chesapeake Regional Medical Center

On 10/15/19 I had a surgical procedure done at this hospital. In November I contacted the financial department to set up a payment arrangement for my $3500 balance. Unfortunately the rules have changed since I last had surgery because my payment arrangement was based on the entire balance over a 24 month period, which is okay, I get it. I advised the young lady I will do my best to meet this obligation. On 11/21/19 a payment was made for $155.00 (which is my payment obligation). Fast forward December rolls around. I go to the website to make a payment and because I could not pay the entire $155 on one card I could not pay. Aggrevated I call the financial department. I was told I had to call in all my payments because in order to try to meet this payment obligation (I am spreading the payment out over 3 cards) I am a single mom making $40000 a year so I have to do what I have to do. The representative informed me that they will work with me just leave detailed notes on all payment dates. On 12/3/19 I made a $50 payment, on 12/6/19 I made a $30.00 payment and on 12/21/19 I made a $150.00. 2 days after Christmas I am receiving collection calls? Let me summarize November I paid $155 December I paid $230, which is reaching my financial agreement with this financial department. Today 1/16/20 I call to make a payment of $100. I was told my account was under review for collections! Then the representative then had to make sure she can take my $100 payment because it was less than my agreed amount. I even told her to not the account about another payment on the 1/29/20. This treatment is unacceptable. I have applied for financial hardship with this place, I received a response saying it was denied over a lack of a 401k statement. I just started my first 401k 4 months ago. So I printed out my 401k statement and resent the application. I am disgusted at the way this establishment has handled my payment arrangement especially when I am doing everything in my power to meet your demands. Is it even legal to send someone to collections without even responding to the financial hardship paperwork? I do not have these issues with any other medical establishment I am currently dealing with and there are quite a few. I have worked very hard to get my credit score where it is today. This is unfair treatment of the lower class and companies that treat people living right on the poverty line like this is one of the main issues in this country.

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