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Installed terrible window films in my office

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19 September 2019

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I had a lot of work to get done. Since I had the responsibility of overseeing the renovation of the workspace, I decided to get the best possible results. The first thing I had on my plate was to get the place painted. After choosing proper colours, I chose the best painting company to do it. The job was indeed done perfectly without any flaws. The second thing on my list was the flooring. After doing some research regarding the matter, I got the floor done by the servicemen of the same company who had done the floor of my own house. Then came the next thing which I had zero ideas about – Window Films. I did some research on this topic too and started finding proper companies for the job. One of my colleagues suggested me Charleston Window Films and after reading a few reviews online, I decided to go for it.
A guy was sent from there to take measurements of all the windows for the manufacturing of properly-sized window films. The guy was sent three days after the said date which kind of disrupted the schedule. I decided to ignore this and hoped for a good service from the company. After taking the measurements, he said that he would return after a few days to install the window films.
He came back after a week and started the installation. He was probably the most unprofessional guy I had ever seen and the guys with him were also like him. The work which could have easily been completed in three to four days took another week. After the job was done and the money was paid, I was finally happy that all the work was completed successfully. It had not been a week since the installation of the new window films that they started coming off. After checking, I realized that the films were of the poorest quality. One of my colleagues went to the boss and told him about how I ‘screwed up’. Because of this, I got a pay cut.
This is what happened when I hired one of the most ‘reputed’ companies for a job. I was screwed by Charleston Window Films for making the simple mistake of choosing them.
When I contacted these scumbags to issue me some remuneration, they refused. They told me that they had done the best they could and if the film seems bad to me then I should’ve hired someone else. Either the person I was talking to was retarded or this place doesn’t give a damn about its customers. In any case, I realized my mistake. I looked them up online and I realized that they are a bunch of crooks. I read a complaint online against them which was similar to my issue. This guy had paid them a hefty sum for filming his house’s windows but ended up with a trashy result. Follow my advice and avoid this bunch of scumbags. They will screw you over very badly.

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