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Mistreated my dog and left him with a bruise

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16 September 2019

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We moved to Houston a while ago, as were new to the area we chose to look into reviews for clinics in the area across champions forest and loved what we saw review wise. I decided to take my Dog to the Champions forest animal clinic. The parking area is a little messy and it took us some time before parking our vehicle. Another setback was our dog’s vet visit. The receptionists were rude and have a stuck up attitude, they did not even bother to greet me when I arrived. Nearly every worker there was avoiding my dog giving him cold shoulders, while I was wondering why are they in this field if they don’t care for animals. Dr.Gentry is too full of himself, I tried to ask him about what happened to my dog, but, he didn’t know anything about the case. Probably he just wanted to have me come back for more visits and spend more money.
Allison the assistant was too busy texting on her mobile and when the examination was about to begin she did not even bother to lift my dog onto the table. Anyway, the entirety of our bad dreams began once we boarded our pit with them. He was boarded for around 10 days since we were having things done to our home. When we picked him up we saw bruises on every one of the four elbows that were purple and scanning. They clarified later after we drew it out into the open it was because he was biting on the blanket they gave so they removed the blanket constraining him to lay bare in what they disclosed to me to be solid kennel bottom. He was being nibbled by mosquitoes where we were keeping him which was another factor in our choice to board him. After picking him he had what they called a hypersensitive response to the cleaners they were utilizing in the boarding kennels which were red dots all over his underside. An unfavourably susceptible response we were not told of until we acquired him for an examination another day in light of the considerable number of things we saw amiss with him after picking him. However the most discouraging thing was we saw our dog was limping, we figured it may have been from being in a kennel there for such a long time yet up the visit and X-rays they disclosed to us he has broken his right leg something that could have just occurred with them seeing as he has been there the most recent 10 days and had no contact at home with different dogs or strenuous activities that could have caused this. To end this I am past disillusioned with the words they used to essentially put all fault on the caregiving of our dog and absence of concern regarding how this may have transpired under their consideration. I could never suggest anybody board here if you cherish your pet there are much better places to take them then here.

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