Cert-A-Roof- Irresponsible and careless workers

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22 September 2019

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Due to a heavy storm, our rooftop was destroyed. Being the secretary of our society, I was responsible for fixing it. This incident happened while I went to my mother’s house and I just came back yesterday and heard about it from my friends. The window alabaster of the top floor was broken and the walls needed a renovation because the family residing on the top floor were facing problem during monsoon. Water was seeping thought the edges of the wall. I got worried and started searching for the best rooftop caretakers in town. After a few hours of research and suggestions from friends, I decided to make an appointment with the Cert-A-Roof. They were one of the best renowned and reputed companies in the city. I made an appointment through their webpage. It took them more than 24 hours to confirm my appointment and fix a certain date and time for the same. Generally, a reputed company takes less than an hour but it was okay and it didn’t bother me much.
The manager of the Cert-A-Roof was about to send their civil engineers the very next day but they sent them after 3 days. That too, after calling them several times for reminders. The engineers came and checked our roof for not more than 10 minutes, I was thinking about what kind of inspection was this. The kept their proposal and the time they would take to complete their job. I accepted their proposal and made the payment. The manager then told me that he would send his men from the upcoming Monday. I waited for them till Tuesday and called them again to remind them about the pending work.
I would never work with a company that doesn’t adhere to his proposals and it was the first and the last time I trusted the Cert-A-Roof. They completed their work after 20 days, whereas it was written 11 days in the agreement. The engineers and labours were not punctual and wasted a lot of time during lunch. They didn’t stay a minute longer them 4 pm. It was very annoying when they sat and gossiped for one and a half hours during the break and didn’t cover up the pending work of the day. Some of the workers were rude and started shouting if they didn’t get the material in the said time. Everything done by the labours and engineers of the Cert-A-Roof was not satisfactory. I would never suggest any of the viewers get their work done by them because they are not a professional and don’t do their work with full sincerity and concentration. They laugh, gossip and waste their time and keep on making mistakes until corrected by the engineers. The civil engineer would come up for inspection just for 5 minutes a day. He should have stayed longer to correct his labourers.
The work done was full of mistakes and the roofing was not strong and of a low quality. Please give your business to some other company rather than the Cert-A-Roof. They are of no use. The labourers are the wicked person among all of them and had a lot of attitudes. Once they argued with my dad and didn’t even apologize for disrespecting him. Please stay away.

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