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They nearly killed my poor dog

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15 September 2019

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Avoid Centralia Animal Hospital at all costs!!!
They have negligent doctors working there who either treat your pet poorly or deliberately make them sicker to gain profit. I recommend you stay away from this crappy clinic for the sake of your pet’s safety!
I am very efficient and regular in getting a regular checkup for my dog and since the previous vet, I went to has moved to a faraway place I happened to visit Centralia Animal Hospital and it was my first and last visit there. First of all, I needed to hold up more than 60 minutes to check my dog in; and when I went for a check out the all-out expense was well over $400 for 3 evenings of boarding and showers. They additionally ran unapproved tests without my permission nor did they try to call to ask me about it. My dog’s collar was tore when I went to pick him up and they did not offer to compensate for it?
Try not to bring your pets here unless you want your pets to go through a traumatic experience. They were somewhat expensive yet I needed my dog up to date on inoculations and blood work so I agreed to pay so much. The 2 days after the checkout from their clinic, my dog became extremely ill, in all respects rapidly. They agreed to treat him however demanded that I remain in my car with him.
The vet came out in around 40 minutes and I had to wait in the car on a hot day, took a look at him and told me that he required an anti-infection shot. The vet returned with the shot, in the hot parking area and my dog was wiped out, stuck in the warmth and without shade got treated mercilessly. I needed to hold my dog down myself as the vet gave the infusion. He also gave him cough syrup (w/codeine) for the cough he had for long. Following 3-4 days of cough syrup dose, he still had an awful cough so I dropped by Centralia animal clinic when I was getting home back from work.
I inquired as to whether I could have a refill of the prescription. They refused to give me the refill and asked me to make an appointment again if I wanted to get further advice or treatment. I scheduled for an appointment again and the vet misdiagnosed my dog with a throat infection which he never had. He even prescribed some medicines which made my dog suffer a lot. I consulted another vet and found out that he was getting the wrong treatment all along and he was having strong reactions of the high doses of medication that Centralia Animal Hospital prescribed. They nearly killed my poor dog. He was in extreme pain for days just because of their wrong treatment. They should be punished by the law for malpractice and for exploiting their rights as doctors.

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