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Center Point

I was suppose to get my gas cut on August the 31st 2018. I called that morning to confirm to make sure that I was to be getting my gas cut on that day, cause I had missed the confirmation call cause I was working after specifically saying that I work till 6pm sometimes 5pm. The lady said that she would put in the notes of when my fiance and I get off work which was around 5pm and the lady I talked to was very nice and worked with me every step I even gave her his number to call before me. Told me that y’all start at 7am and work though the day. I didn’t receive anymore calls saying that someone was on their way but I was at the service location at 5:50pm when I finally could get off work. I called back around 6pm to make sure some one was still coming and that I was already their. This 3rd lady, which was a different lady this call, I talked to said that they called 2 times and neither one of us got the call come through. Neither one of our call history’s showed where the call was missed for that day we was suppose to be getting called before they come out. I still have the email from when it was suppose to be serviced. But the lady said that y’all don’t service after 4pm so I waited for nothing all evening. When I pulled out of my street though there was a Centerpoint Entergy truck pass right by me a little ways turn around and drove off and never stopped now why would they go down that far to turn around him there are many streets he they could’ve turned round in if they went the wrong way. I want to know why they say they can’t come out after 4pm like the lady said but was out after 11pm. So after she scheduled me another appointment for Thursday September 6th 2018 like I specifically asked for cause I am off work that day I get another email saying that it’ll be turned on on Tuesday September 4th 2018 which I work. I am so very upset with this and this is the first time I have ever had this service before. I feel lied to and like I have been given the run around. I understand why this the labor day weekend and how y’all don’t work the weekend or labor day. But why schedule it for the 31st knowing it’s that weekend. tell me that y’all work all through out the day. Then turn around and tell me that y’all don’t work past 4pm. Then see that the first lady was right and now I got to wait till Thursday, which I could’ve reasoned with Thursday but Tuesday I would have to reschedule again! Three times, three different, people three. First 2 told me the same thing and the third told me something the total opposite…

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