Cedarwood Trails Manufacturing Housing

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Cedarwood Trails Manufacturing Housing Review

Cedarwood Trails Manufacturing Housing

Obviously, most of the time you’re renting or buying a mobile home, you are not in the best financial situation, and Cedarwood Trails takes advantage of that. When we purchased the home back in 2007, we were told we would have an $89 lot rent special until our home was paid off. However, a year later, our rent was raised and a never-before-seen piece of paper was put in front of us stating our rent would be raised $25 yearly. It was never signed by us because we had never seen it. Then, we were told our rent would go up $25 every 6 months because we hadn’t signed this paper. We complained and got it back down to once a year. Then, new management took over and told us our rent could go up $25 to $50 every 6 months. A big problem with this place is they cannot keep stable management. In the 3 years we have lived here, Cedarwood Trails has had 6 different managers in charge. So, you can try to discuss something and work it out, but a few months later someone new is in charge, and changing things according to their preferences. Additionally, while the rent rises, and you pay your own property tax, nothing is done to upkeep the property. The playground area is in horrible shape, and there are no sidewalks, yet children are told to stay off the road even with no alternative place to play. In conclusion, even if you are in dire straits and need a place to live, go somewhere else. Even if you are poor, you still deserve to be treated with respect.

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