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If you ever considered moving to the Cayman Islands – DON’T. Everything is massively inflated in price, there are no regulations, the Police, the Goverment and most businesses are inept. You will be seen as ex-pat making lots of money which the locals hate and you will be taken advnatage of at every turn. If you need a part for your vehicle for example, the markup is usually 500%. Also, you will have to wait for the part – usually weeks. Typically the mechanis fixing it will be an idiot. Mail is hit and miss. You may get your mail, or you may not. If you do, it will be anywhere from 4 weeks to 3 months. It will make it to the island from civilized countries in about 3 days and then sit for weeks or just be lost. It is like living in the U.S about 100 years ago. The only dump here is huge and sits in the middle of town. It stinks and they don’t recycle. People get trapped here because they move, take a job, sell their house etc and can’t afford to reverse their decision. There is no point in setting any roots here because they have a 7 year rollover policy which means you have to leave after 7 years. As if the island is so special they have to keep people from immigrating. You will spend your time shaking your head in amazement that in this day and age a country can be so backward, lazy and useless. If you want a job in a sunny place, trust me – pick somewhere else. I don’t know anu=yone who is happy here. Everyone is miserable.

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