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Castro Valley Healthcare Center Review

Castro Valley Healthcare Center

my mother betty jones passed away 7/14/09 at the above named care center. on that day my family members and i tryied to place call to the facility all day, apparently the phone was out of order. at 11 :28 p.m. i got a call stating my mother had been found unresponsive and not breathing and that she was dead.when my family and i got to the nursing home my mother best friend stated that they woulnt let her see my mom all day. i asked where is her chart they could not find it then i asked what was here bp i was told it was 96 over 64 i asked was the dr. called, he was and he stated due to what the nurse told him which was she was alert and responsive he did not come. my mom had high blood preasure and should have been sent to the hospital. i asked the nurse could we request a autopsy so we would know what happened she told us that the death certificate had been signed already, this was not true i called the dr. and he stated that he would welcome a autopsy. i witness the staff leaving my mother wet for five or more hours it was so bad that i assisted them changing her bed because it was soaked. my mother belongs also cant seem to be found, i was told that they would compensate me for her things this has not happened to date i also was told they would give me her medical records then last week i was told they were not going to give them to me. my mother was placed in a nursing home to live not die.please look into this matter. thanks twila gaines

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