Castle Creek Cavaliers

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Castle Creek Cavaliers Review

Castle Creek Cavaliers

I wouldn”t advise anyone to get a puppy from this breeder, Merle Tucker. I purchased a puppy from her in July and she has had a cough the entire time we have had her and is still sick to this day! She has not taken responsibility for selling me a sick puppy nor has she reimbursed for any of the $8, 000 we have incurred in medical bills. This is not including the $2, 400 we paid for the puppy itself. She is very unprofessional and is not truthful or honest that she is a “puppy mill”. She has way too many liters, way too many dogs and she is the only one who lives there and cares for these dogs. One of the three times that I went to visit, she had two liters of 7 or 8 puppies in each liter that were born all around 10 days old! CastleCreek Cavaliers or Castle Creek Cavalier. The website is: As of today”s post her website shows: (10) Dams, (3) Sires, (3) Available Adults and (8) puppies. She is caring for them ALONE? Her non-profit is a joke!

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