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Casey Auto Group

My husband and I stopped to view a 2008 Acura TL. We stated we were just looking at this time. The car had no list price and dealer did not know the price until he consulted with several other agents (I thought this odd that the agent had no idea what his latest car cost). The price he gave us then, starting at 35, 000 began to flucuate. This is very suspicious. Please note we pulled up driving a BMW 525i so I believe that was used as part of there decision process. He stated that this particular car was 60, 000 new and how good of a deal this was (Please note:once home I saw the Acura website and a new 2010 TL is going for 35, 000 and several days later we saw that same car at another dealer for 22, 000 in excellent condition for the 2008 model – therefore, he tried to deceive us and lied to us, taking us for idiots – very insulting!) They began to pressure very much and have several other sales men approach us including a very rude and arrogant manager who came over and stated he could due 28, 500 right now and thats it. He then walked off as if he couldn’t be bothered with anything else. (professional managers are interesting and help there clients to ensure business or future business, but not this guy). Another agent came to us wanting our SSI numbers to run our credit report just to see where we were at for “### and giggles”, I did not want my report ran at this time. Our dealer then said forget the price I will just get payments where you want them (very shady). He also informed us that after this day the car would be gone that he was a floating dealer and he was taking the car to another place the very next day, we could only get a good deal right now. He also tried to appeal to me as a women and work against my husband. I found them to be extremely unprofessional. We had to get out of there. As we tried to walk out we were given dirty looks. The next day we drove by and the car was still there, infact it has now been 2 weeks and the car is still there. They are STRAIGHT UP LIERS and CANNOT BE TRUSTED! They are deceptive about price and service and created tension between my husband and I, not to mention ganging up on you with several other agents. DO NOT GO NEAR THIS PLACE UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE TORMENTED AND SCAMMED.

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