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Carolina Farmhouse

My wife and I ordered and paid for a table in August 2012. Dan was incredibly responsive and professional throughout the ordering process. Calls and emails were returned promptly, and we were thrilled to be doing business with what seemed to be a very professional, up-and-coming small business. All that changed the second we placed our order and Carolina Farmhouse had our money. While we had ordered our table, we had yet to pick the exact finish and style for the table legs. Dan and Kelly were supposed to send us samples of the finishes, but didn’t follow through. We started sending emails to inquire about the status in October. They were ignored for several weeks. Finally, after a few weeks, we received a call from Dan. He apologized for the delay in responding, and did get the samples out to us. We selected the final details and inquired when the table would be ready. Again, a series of emails and phone calls go unanswered, until I send an email demanding a refund. Finally, another call from Dan in mid-November. He was very apologetic, and had excuse after excuse, but said that the company’s policy was not to provide refunds and that they had that policy vetted by a lawyer. He said Carolina Farmhouse was already out money for our table because they had ordered the supplies. I insisted that he provide me a definitive date by when our table would be delivered, and he wouldn’t do so without talking to Kelly. He kept assuring me that his goal was to have the table at our home by Thanksgiving. I pushed the issue of a definitive date and insisted that he give me a date, even if it was in 2013, by when our table would be delivered or I would get a refund. After talking to Kelly, he committed to January 15, 2013. January 15, 2013 came and went and still no table. I have sent a series of emails and left voicemails for everyone at Carolina Farmhouse over the past 2 and a half months. One or two have been returned acknowledging that I am entitled to a refund and they are very sorry they couldn’t get us our table in time, but that the only way to get a refund would be for me to dispute the 6 month old charge through our credit card company and they wouldn’t object to the dispute. I informed them that we didn’t pay by credit card, so we needed to come up with an alternative method for a refund (cash, paypal, money order). That was about 2 weeks ago (and I have sent emails and left voicemails since) and they seem to have fallen back into the pattern of ignoring emails and phone calls. Now, I do have a table, which I bought from a different company that delivered promptly and honored its commitments, but I am out of pocket for 2 tables because Carolina Farmhouse has been holding onto my money for about 7 months and seems to have dropped off the face of the earth.

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  1. Virgil Matheson May 24, 2020

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