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Carignan Watch Company, LLC Review

Carignan Watch Company, LLC

In 2004, I sent Carignan Watch Company, of Belmont, NH, 2 watches for repair. He was supposed to have a good reputation. One was my prized and best watch, a Universal COMPAX Chronograph from 1946 that just needed the second hand reattached. It was in pristine condition. Denis Carignan talked me into a full overhaul instead. The other was a prized family heirloom HAMILTON Automatic of one of my best friends, inscribed to his father on his retirement. I promised my friend I would have his watch repaired, then afterwards had to explain that the repairman, that supposedly had a good reputation, ripped us both off and his father’s watch is long gone. This was very embarrassing for me to do, after giving my word I would take care of it for him. Just after sending my watches by certified mail, I received an estimate and learned that the repair should take around 4-6 months. Right after this, I received the news from my doctor that I had Cancer and would need Radiation Therapy. I figured Carignan would be fine for a bit, and put everything off until after my treatment. After my recovery, less than 4 months later, I learned that Carignan Watch had sold my watches, after amending their policy of storage after repair during my treatment (without any notification by mail for this change) of how long they would keep watches after repair from 1 year to 60 days. So while they had my watches, they change their policy on storage after repair from 1 year to 60 days from the date of repair. (Did they change their storage policy to steal my watches?) They repaired them long before I thought they would, and then SOLD MY WATCHES AND DID NOT GIVE ME A DOLLAR IN COMPENSATION. I send my watches for repair, they sell them off after amending their storage policy without telling me, and give me NOTHING. I would at LEAST expect the value of the watches minus the repair costs, but I get NOTHING! So I am out $2000 in watches. BEWARE.

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