Caribe Royale Orlando

A terrible place with a pathetic staff.

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08 September 2019

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The people there are too lazy and careless. They don’t care about their customers, no; all they care about is the amount of money they can squeeze out of you. They create fake charges, change your check-in time and even blame you for their mistakes. I never thought hotels could be this bad but Caribe Royale changed my mind.
I decided to spend my vacation in Orlando because I wanted to visit the Disney theme park and see other attractions as well. As it was the peak season so all the hotels had their rooms booked already which left me with no choice as now I had to choose from the 4 stars hotel list. I did some research though and found one of the hotels which were 2.1 miles away from Walt Disney World. Caribe Royale is a 4-star hotel which claims to deliver one of the best services in town and the prices are also less than other hotels, but since my visit, I was very disappointed with the way I was treated there. That’s because their services were awful, the staff was unprofessional and they don’t know how to treat their customers, also the level of services they maintained over there was below average and I don’t think they should treat their customers like trash but that’s what they do. I believe that they are keen to make their profits without delivering quality services. To be very honest they don’t deserve a penny if you want to spend your money on these liars than you are most welcome but for me, I do not wish to spend on such peoples. The hotel also charges you hidden fees and on top of that, there is no welcoming gesture by them as if they treat their customers like a trash bag. If you want to drink water then you have to pay $4 to get it. I asked them if there are shuttles available for the airport they said no airport shuttle but they have shuttle for the park and when we reached there and asked them for a shuttle to the park, the guy gave a rude reply and said it’s not for all park but Disney only and the fee would be only $14. I was so excited about this trip but the way I am treated it has turned into a nightmare and I have lost a couple of hundred dollars since last night. All in all, they have poor customer service, they are very unprofessional and unresponsive and they need to step up their game if they want their customers to be satisfied. Customers should be your priority, not their money, I think that they are the worst in terms of services and apart from me if you ask other customers they would give the same answer. During my visit, other customers also complained that the place is noisy and they don’t give you enough peace of mind to relax.

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