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May 27th, 2008Hello -I did not sign up for their newsletter. I emailed them 2 times to stop sending me emails using the email from which sent the newsletter and of course, it came back as an internl mail delivery. I called them 2 times at the above number. They did not respond, meaning the emails continued. There was no other number listed for them. I had deleted months ago not wanting to receive job alerts because they seem to represent 90% of headhunters and I don’t wish to do business with headhunters but employers. I signed into my account again and there was no link to click off receiving email newsletters from them. I clicked on the bottom of the email where it says ‘unsubscribe from emails’ but the link doesn’t work, it takes me to ‘the page cannot be found’. Today I deleted my account entirely.Please help me stop these people from harassing me. I’m sick of them making it difficult for me to get rid of them.

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