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16 September 2019

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I just moved to Arvada and since I take my pets for a regular checkup now and then I happened to visit Care Animal Hospital because it is near my place. All they need is cash!!! If I could give this hospital 0 stars I would. Staying away forever until the end of time! It’s fundamentally tossing your cash down the channel and they are unable to fix your pet’s issue. 35$ just to take an ear swab?! It’s absurd after several many dollars and time my dog’s ear contamination is as yet not fixed. This spot is a flat out joke. They are cash hungry and couldn’t care less for your pet; Dr Gilbert put a gag on my dog who gave no indications of aggression. They had a go at charging me again for an appointment that I had already paid for and even have a receipt for. There is so much lament inside me for taking my pet here for a checkup. We adopted our little puppy, had his records from his past home, took him to Care Hospital the first week we got him and Dr Gilbert at Care Hospital gave him an antibody that he was up to date with at that time. I think they are unskillful, non-proficient, and outdated with the latest technology. I likewise think they are overly expensive and in some cases I feel the Doctors are reading to me out of a coursebook. It made me feel as if they have gone through some textbooks and opened their practice. They don’t give you the necessary time and surge you out of the examination room, which causes you to feel they don’t care a damn about you and your pets. The staff is all inconsiderate and annoying. This is certainly a vet you can never confide in general. They have very ordinary general client administration, and to have that lacking is a major con for a vet hospital. Dr Clark particularly is so rude and is not willing to respond to any inquiries and is not willing to help you in any way she can. She makes no effort to make your pet feel good. Awful experience-and later, I happened to know from two of my friends in the neighbourhood that they had a similar negative encounter with them. They force you to purchase the pricey treatments, and can’t back up their suggestions with good results. We squandered an excess of cash there but at last, got exhausted and discovered considerably more sensible and humane animal hospital. Avoid going to care animal hospital as much as you can. Sorry, yet the used car sales representative approach to deal with your pet doesn’t do it for me. They include each conceivable charge they can to your bill and know for sure that you’re going to pay it since you cherish your pet. If you want better care for your pet I would never recommend this place.

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