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Cardozo Hotel Review

Cardozo Hotel

Let me set the mood.. On 08/01/09.. I am walking with my Mother, Aunt from out of town with my wife and grandchild on South Beach were I have visited quite often, being that I live in beautiful Miami! We passed by many restaurants and was amazed on what the city of Miami Beach and the owners of the restaurants have done with their properties and the hotels are awesome… anyways back to my horrible experience at the Hotel Cardozo Restaurant located on 1300 Ocean Drive which by the way is owned by no other than Gloria Estefan and Emilio Estefan! Great people but awful employees working at their restaurant.. ok here it is.. We were asked to look at their wonderful $9.99 lunch special (well they literally place these flyers in your face when walking by) and so we decided let’s sit and relax and have a what I thought was going to be a decent price lunch.. OH boy was I surprised later.. well back to now that we are sitting and quite perplexed on what to eat and so the waiter (Eduardo) recommended and highly suggested the Latin seafood dish the “paella”.. we said ok we will try your recommendation, thinking the price was going to be similar to the flyer or a little higher… after the check came back to me.. guest what? $315.00!!! yes !! you read correctly!! A BAIT AND SWITCH!!! while this waiter recommended a dish beyond the price we were first sat down for and did not even mention at any point in time, well maybe I can suggest the “paella” however it will be a little more expensive or a LOT more expensive than the $9.99 special we reeled you in with in the first place.. I asked to speak to the Manager, Gustavo.. Gloria why?? omg!! This person called a Manager was very, I repeat very insensitive to my explanation of the bait and switch scenario and basically said.. ” I cannot do nothing for you” !! WHAT??? I am writing this as a warning to all… stay away from all the Gloria Estefan restaurants The Cardozo, Larios and Bongos Cafe… oh and by the way.. the Miami Beach police which I called stated sir.. this happens here all the time!! WOW!!.. cut your losses.. don’t embarrass the family and apologize to them on behalf of the City of Miami Beach and just write a letter to the Estefans. These Police Officers were very professional. Great police Officers Gil and Castillo!! Thank you for your apologies and understanding in this matter.

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